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Lace-up Shoes SOCLE, ROAMY, Black, MOONSTAR

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SIZE: 22.0cm - 28.0cm
UPPER: Recycled Polyester

MOONSTAR wants the shoes you wear every day to be the shoes that feel just right to you. That's why they have created a pair of shoes that are comfortable enough to wear on the street yet simple enough to fit your individual style. By using eco-friendly recycled materials, we aimed to create shoes that feel good for you and the people around you. This series of shoes should be worn not for any special occasion, but for everyday life.

They adopted a knitted material that comfortably fits the foot as the upper to create a comfortable shoe. Together with a Japanese knitwear manufacturer, they have developed a material that satisfies both the shoes' fit and hold. The outsole is made from a combination of urethane and foam rubber for durability, lightness and cushioning. This is the result of a hybrid of vulcanization and injection methods, a speciality of MOONSTAR.

They have also been challenged to produce shoes with as little waste as possible, using environmentally friendly materials to create shoes that fill your heart with happiness. The knitwear used for the upper is made from recycled yarn from waste plastic bottles in Japan. As coloured bottles are banned in Japan, recycled yarn is almost as pure as virgin yarn. The insole is made from raw rubber leftover from the cutting process of the vulcanisation method. The outsole is made from a liquid sole material bonded to the knitted fabric without adhesives.


In Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where the rubber industry has flourished by the birth of Japanese Tabi shoes, MOONSTAR has been making shoes with the same dedication and passion on the principle of premium quality products as its predecessors: fine vulcanised shoes, ergonomic walking shoes, men's and women's shoes, student shoes and baby shoes. We will continue to provide shoes that support each individual's foot and journey with the quality we cultivated in our factory.