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Short Socks Made from Recycled Virgin Cotton Mill Waste, Ecru, Saredo

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Product name: Radish (Ecru)
Available in 2 sizes: 22-24cm, 25-27cm
Composition: Cotton / Polyester / Polyurethane
Made in Japan

“Radish" is made from 100% recycled virgin cotton mill waste. These are short and crew-length socks in shades of ecru, knitted on old-style knitting machines in a sock factory in Koryo town, Nara Prefecture.

Ecru, known as raw white, is the colour of the cotton as it was born and is undyed. With each wash, the lye and the oil of the cotton are gradually removed, and the garment becomes whiter. However, it does not harden with repeated washing and becomes more and more comfortable with wear.

It is sturdily knitted from four strands of recycled cotton in a No.10 single yarn and is slightly shorter than the usual crew length, so it is less likely to slip down. It also features a simple 1×1 rib stitch and jersey stitch transition to a plump silhouette like a radish.

Staff Comment

A simple classic socks that can be worn all year round. They are great with sandals and trainers, and thanks to their thickness, also with big leather shoes and boots in autumn and winter.



Saredo's RECYCLED COTTON 100® is made by recycling 100% virgin cotton mill waste generated during the spinning at Japan's largest cotton spinning mill in Shimane Prefecture. The eco-recycled material is genuinely made in Japan.

To spin yarn in the spinning mills, large lumps of raw cotton weighing up to 200 kg are first unravelled by beating and opening the bales and combing them with a fine comb like a pinholder to arrange the direction of the fibres. The bundles of fibres are then twisted into yarn. In the process, some threads have fallen out like wadding dust during the sifting and combing process. This cotton mill waste has become our material.

In the factory, they use a unique technology that is not available at other companies. Firstly, a bundle of fibres called sliver is piled on top of each other and arranged parallel. Then, they use a spinning method that allows them to make the cotton thinner all at once instead of gradually getting it. In addition, the wadding used is not of the highest quality yet is made from medium to long fibres, which are relatively long.

Therefore, we use 100% of the cotton waste, which is usually thrown away or sold for bedding, to spin loosely twisted recycled cotton on a dedicated recycled cotton spinning line.

When the yarn is spun in this factory, about 10% of the cotton is left behind. 5% of this is removed from the sieve as waste or impurities. We sympathise that the remaining 5% is carefully recycled as yarn, which is the motivation to twist it into two-folded yarn as Saredo's original one. In addition, we would like to convey the simple, nostalgic and unquantifiable charm of this material, which can only be produced with a loose twist and thick count, by applying the skills of craftsmen from various production areas.