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Recycled Cotton Low Gauge Socks, Ecru, Saredo

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Product name: Puckster L/R/O/A/W
Available in 2 sizes: 22-24cm, 25-27cm
Composition: 95.6% Cotton / 3.2% Polyester / 1.2% Polyurethane
Made in Japan

"Puckster L/R/O/A/W" socks are made from a low gauge recycled cotton yarn.

The yarn Saredo uses is made on an open-end spinning machine, recycling cotton mill waste from Shimane Prefecture. Each pair of socks are slowly and carefully knitted in Koryo town, Nara prefecture, using a vintage 60 thread cylinder low gauge knitting machine. At first glance, these socks may look ordinary, but they tell a story about the process of reclaiming usually discarded cotton waste and the production on rare knitting machines.

Staff Comment

A simple classic socks that can be worn all year round. They are great with sandals and trainers, and thanks to their thickness, also with big leather shoes and boots in autumn and winter.

About Saredo


Saredo proposes the value of incorporating cotton mill waste into our daily lives through recycled cotton made in Japan. Our first product was a pair of socks made of unique recycled cotton made in Japan 100% cotton mill waste. This is our origin that we used low count recycled cotton yarn, initially used for hand-knitted socks, improved the thread with a factory and gave a shape to our idea on a rare old-style low gauge knitting machine after many trials and errors. We develop yarns made of recycled cotton and eco-friendly natural materials and test our garments' gauge and knitting structure. Then, we release products that be our own as "Saredo objects" (which means in Japanese that it's just an object, but it's still important), update our classic items, and expand our values a little by specific climate changes rather than the atmosphere of the times. We are a brand that is constantly evolving and changing.