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Original Inner T-Shirt, KUME SEN-I Co., Ltd.

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SIZE: S (Length 63cm / Sleeve length 17cm / Body width 41cm / Shoulder width 36cm)
SIZE: M (Length 68.5cm / Sleeve length 20cm / Body width 43cm / Shoulder width 38cm)
SIZE: L (Length 70cm / Sleeve length 22cm / Body width 46cm / Shoulder width 44cm)
Colour: White
Material: 100% cotton

Precautions for use
*Washing may cause shrinkage of around 10%.

An inner T-shirt made of 100% cotton that feels good against the skin. We have redesigned it into a comfortable silhouette that is easy for most people to wear. The T-shirt is produced using fraise stitching on a 36 yarn count fabric for an exquisite thickness and fit. The moist feeling of the texture would be unmistakable.

Staff Comment

To make it easy to wear as an inner T-shirt, HIKASANE had requested KUME SEN-I to adjust the neck rib width of their original T-shirt. Using 100% cotton material with a stretchy feel, the T-shirt will adapt to your body as you wash it.

About Kume Sen-I Co., Ltd.

Kume Sen-I Co., Ltd. has been making T-shirts for over half a century and has applied the meticulous attention to detail that only a skilled Japanese craftsman can provide, from material selection to cutting, sewing and finishing. Spun at a highly skilled spinning company and carefully woven in Japan, the fabric is soft to touch and durable. We are proud of Japanese craftsmanship that is sure to meet the wearer's needs for many years to come and what we aim to achieve.