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Kitchen Sponge, wide, KINOF

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Size: approx. 115 x 55 x 20 mm
Colour: Orange
- Cover: 60% cotton, 40% non-classified fibre (50% cedar, 50% manila hemp) - Sponge: polyester
Weave: waffle small
The KINOF fabric is made of wood yarn, a natural material with proven antibacterial properties. The wood yarn absorbs oil, which results in less detergent. The sponge has a pleasant touch and is gentle on hands, dishes and the environment.

Staff Comment

This kitchen sponge is very comfortable to use and has a good lather. The wooden thread cover is moderately durable and can be used for up to 3 months.



The fabric brand KINOF was found in Kamikatsu town, Tokushima Prefecture, which is rich in nature, blessed with abundant trees and water from the mountains. KINOF developed wooden clothes made from thinned cedar trees to produce daily necessities such as towels and sponges. The cloths made from natural materials have a linen-like feel, a light texture and easiness to dry. They are easy to use even in humid areas and become fluffier with every wash. KINOF will continue to develop products that make us feel closer to nature.

●This product is intended for use with tableware and cooking utensils. ●Please do not use knives. The fabric may be cut by the blade. ●Please wash thoroughly and drain after use. ●Do not use bleach. ●Do not place near fire or high temperatures.