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Laundry Detergent Refill 1000ml, SOMALI

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A simple laundry detergent made from soap. It leaves clothes soft and fluffy without damaging them. Little residue will be left on clothes, safe for baby's underwear and sensitive skin. You can use it in combination with a clothes rinse for an even fluffier finish. Natural orange essential oil fragrance. Refill 1000ml.
Suitable for fully automatic washing machines and drum-type washing machines.

Features of SOMALI Products


SOMALI's main cleansing ingredient is our own 100% plant-based soap. It contains only naturally-derived and natural-mineral-derived ingredients. To make the most of the gentleness of natural ingredients, SOMALI produces products with only the most essential ingredients.

SOMALI's 5 non-use
Synthetic surfactants, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, preservatives and mineral oil are free. Made with soap, our products are gentle on the skin and safe to use for people with chemical allergies, small children and pets.

About Kimura Soap Co., Ltd.


Kimura Soap Co., Ltd. is a soap manufacturer established in 1924. We still manufacture our soaps by hand using the traditional "Kama boiling" method and have developed detergents with a good balance between cleansing power, ingredients' safety, and comfort of use.