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Kizuna Chopsticks 21cm, Yamachiku

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Length: 21 cm
Paint: Acrylic paint
Material: Japanese bamboo
*Please do not use a dishwasher.

Despite having different shapes, these Kizuna chopsticks align perfectly as a pair when placed together. The name "Kizuna" represents the bonds and connections between people and comes from the idea that such a shape is like a family relationship. The chopsticks are slightly short at 21cm in length, making them ideal for lunchboxes and as chopsticks for women and children.

About Yamachiku


For half a century, Yamachiku has consistently made products that make the most of the bamboo material. The company exclusively makes chopsticks made from local bamboo harvested in the town of Nankan in Kumamoto prefecture. Loggers hew out the bamboo used for chopsticks from the surrounding mountains, and the company made chopsticks from purely Japanese bamboo.


In Japan, where resources are scarce, bamboo is an essential material from the point of view of effective use of resources and recycling.