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Genuine Dry Lacquered Chopsticks, Yamachiku

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Details & Precautions

Length: 23 cm
Paint: Genuine dry lacquer
Material: Japanese bamboo
*Please do not use a dishwasher.

These thin bamboo are skillfully finished by skilled artisans using Fuki Lacquer on the tips and coloured lacquer on the handles. The dry lacquer, a finely powdered lacquer used on the handles imparts a unique texture and beautiful depth.

In addition to the lightness and flexibility of bamboo, the Urushi lacquer finish also imparts a warm touch and a gentle feel on the mouth. Urushi is very durable and resistant to water and oil stains. With proper care, they will last for a very long time.

About Yamachiku


For half a century, Yamachiku has consistently made products that make the most of the bamboo material. The company exclusively makes chopsticks made from local bamboo harvested in the town of Nankan in Kumamoto prefecture. Loggers hew out the bamboo used for chopsticks from the surrounding mountains, and the company made chopsticks from purely Japanese bamboo.


In Japan, where resources are scarce, bamboo is an essential material from the point of view of effective use of resources and recycling.