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Lacquered lunch box, S size, Suginoki Craft

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Available in two sizes: large (630ml) and small (510ml)

This cedarwood lunch box is made with rounded corners, using the traditional bentwood technique called "Hiki-Mage". Cedarwood products are lightweight, fast-drying and have a unique aroma. The genuine lacquer finish is applied by skilled artisans and will develop a rich colour with use.

It has a slim gusset and a clean shape that makes it easy to fit into various bag designs despite its large capacity. All adhesives and paints are 100% natural. We recommend the large size of approx. 630 ml for men.

*Repair of cracks and chips in the lacquer finish is possible.

Staff Comment

It is surprising how light it is, and even the large size weighs a mere 140 g. I am happy with the slim gusset, which makes it easy to carry in any bag.

It has a pleasant aroma of cedar. The smell of cedar is still apparent even after washing off the heavily spiced curry. The colour of the lid is a deep brown, so I don't think it would bother me if I had other food in it, such as carrots, which can stain things easily.

In addition, the edge of the lid is also recessed to reduce leakage, showing the thought and consideration of the craftsmen. It is a sophisticated product.

About Suginoki Craft


A few decades ago, Japanese people used cedarwood to make everything from small household utensils to furniture and architecture. Some of them are still in use and show the beauty of the texture created when the owner has used them carefully, polished them and cared for them. Such objects often impress us.

The production of cedarwood is recently not active. Still, for us, who work in a place surrounded by mountains with cedars, it is as natural as it was in the past to use locally produced and consumed wood, which is abundant in the area.

As we continue to work with cedar, we come to understand the nature and characteristics of the material, even the details of the different varieties. The grain is straight, white in part close to the bark and varies inside from yellow, orange, red, brown, to dark brown. It is a fine-grained material, shiny and smooth to the touch. The different hardness of the growth rings gives the wood a unique appearance, such as split skin finish, burnt cedar and Uzukuri finish. We are getting more and more interested in such material with various characteristics and making objects from it. We also realise that there are still many things we can work on with cedar, and the scope of our work is expanding.

Taking advantage of the natural characteristics of cedar helps us to deter intentional expressions and avoid unreasonable character. We have to keep this in mind when making our products, as we sympathise with the craftsmanship of the past where ordinary people made practical and straightforward things for ordinary people.

In addition, the availability of the material, the shorter time for drying compared to hardwoods, the ease of processing and the resistance to distortion make it very easy for us without advanced skills to handle.

It is very worthwhile for us to process cedarwood creatively and create tools for daily life.